P.O.P Material


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The differentiation your brand needs. Whether applying a brand book at a new point of sale or creating innovative structures for a traditional channel, we differentiate your product and motivate impulse purchases.

A new point of sale is the opportunity to create a powerful showcase that stands out among the other points and attracts the attention of the consumer while presenting the brand through the shopping experience in a solid and organized way to help you choose products in a natural way.

A P.O.P. material that follows the indications of a brand manual makes the stay of the clients more pleasant; And it makes it is easier to offer information about product location, highlight the most appropriate placing or highlight not so visible products, inform about new promotions and / or products and stand out from the competition.

Our extensive experience and knowledge about materials allows us to offer comprehensive advice on the production and use of P.O.P material for shelves, windows, demonstration modules, floor and every corner to make the most of them.